• Thursday 12th May 17:30 - Thursday 12th May 19:30
  • Online: Zoom

Event Description

Forums are how you make change at LUU - they take place each term, three times a year, any student is welcome to come along and take part in the debate.

Better Union is where you can make changes to how we run as a Union, what the building looks like and how societies shape up and is attended by your Activities Exec and Liberation Coordinators. Better Leeds is where you can make change in the city, and ensure that student communities have a voice in local issues and is attended by your Community Reps and Liberation Coordinators. This forum will also include the LUU AGM, where you'll get updates on what all your Student Exec Officers have been working on this year.

Thanks to great Ideas from students and Exec over the past few years we’ve been able to do loads to improve things across the Union and across Leeds;

–Free sanitary products are available across all LUU bathrooms (and we’re challenging the University to do the same)

– We introduced an International Officer position

– Landlords who charge additional fees are banned from LUU’s Housing Fair

– Worked with the council and the Uni to link voter registration with enrolment, helping over 20,000 students register to vote in the last three years.

Better Union, LUU AGM, and Better Leeds Zoom link.

Learn more about the Forums and submit your ideas here.

You can see all of our Current Policy here: policy.luu.org.uk