• Sunday 28th Nov 18:50 - Friday 19th Nov 20:00
  • £6.90
  • Gravity Active Entertainment, Cardigan Fields Leisure Centre, Kirkstall

Event Description

Uni of Leeds sciences has bought out the entire trampoline park at Gravity! (Cardigan fields Leisure centre, Kirkstall).

Experience great highs and lows as you bounce your way towards the Chemball, with a Sunday spring-sesh with your Leeds science pals on the 28th! 

Make new friends or bring old ones, and end your weekend right with a well-earned cheeky Nando’s or five guys just metres away.

Event Tickets

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  • 1 Admission to Trampolining

    £ 6.90

    This ticket grants the owner 1x admission to trampolining on 28th November 2021 at Gravity Active Entertainment, Leeds.

    (Non-refundable, exchangeable on request) 

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