• Thursday 27th Jan 13:00 - Thursday 27th Jan 14:00
  • Marquee opposite LUU

Event Description

This is a chance to both observe and be a part of a social experiment:

What happens when an ancient Indian dance form becomes a part of the everyday in Leeds?

Can dancing in the busiest spots in Leeds cause an interruption in the movement from place A to destination B?

Is it possible to feel safe being artistic amongst crowds that do not know you?

Is it weird dancing in public spaces?

Should the arts be held where everyone can experience it and not just those who go to elite performance spaces?

Let’s think through all of this with Tirna Sengupta, a PhD student in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, a Bharatanatyam dancer who has spent about 5 years exploring the public space as a dancer.

No clothing requirement, just wear anything comfortable. There may be some stretching involved!

This session is being run as part of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures Leeds Excellence in the Arts Programme (LEAP). All students welcome, not just those taking LEAP! 

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