• Sunday 23rd Jan 12:30
  • Jade Studio

Event Description

We're only bloody going and doing it again kids! Come and audition for our first ever SPRING PANTO! That's right baby - we loved our winter panto (Romeo and Juliet) so much we just couldn't wait until next December!

Come and see us on either the 23rd or the 27th of January and show us what you've got!

23rd - Jade Studio in the Union at 12:30

27th - Room 5 in the Union at 17:30

The show:

When University Chancellor, Donald, decides to organise a fashion contest in the Union, student Leo is determined to win it - and what could possibly get in his way? Certainly not a troublesome aunt moving in, the Chancellor’s daughter falling head-over-heels for him, and a vindictive ex-student determined to get his revenge through any means necessary... right? Join Leo and his friends in Pyramid Theatre on the 7th and 8th of April as they navigate the minefields of love, scheming, and trying to sing while also dancing.

The parts:

Leo - Our male lead. Textile design student. A bit dim but very talented. Falls in love with Kate during act 1 and will stop at nothing to be with her.

Kate - Our female lead. Student and daughter of Donald. Looking for love everywhere desperately. She lives with her dad since they both live in Leeds and has to put up with his tantrums on a daily basis, ugh.

Konrad - Our panto baddie. Got expelled from the uni a few years before for causing mischief and has come back to take his revenge. Very cocky and generally just mean.

Donald - Chancellor of the university. Also goes by Duke Don and Duke Donald although he is not technically the duke of anything. Very disorganised, vain, and gullible. Tries to be cool when he absolutely isn’t. Looking for love desperately. Note that this role requires being topless in places.

Yzma Fawlt - Our panto dame and Leo’s aunt. She got kicked out of her apartment in London because she couldn’t pay for the rent so is now crashing at Leo’s place, very much to his distress. She’s also a widow and is on the lookout for any good-looking young men.

Delilah - Kate’s best friend. Has been secretly in love with her for a few years now but never got around to telling her. Outgoing and fun, plenty of audience interaction. Goes by Dee because she’s cool.

Hans Fortuna - Our panto narrator. Philosophy student at the Uni of Leeds. Talks like Lemony Snicket in a Series of Unfortunate Events but is generally disliked by everyone. Acts as if he’s magical, although he isn’t. Clearly hasn’t gotten over his ex Jennifer.

Wenceslas - Leo’s housemate. Nerd who generally doesn’t like being disturbed.

Sergeant Pepper - The duke’s assistant. Very serious, does not understand sarcasm. Wears a military outfit, although he’s no longer in the army. Organises everything for the duke.

Dolly Gabbanana - One part of the comedic duo. Art student who enters the fashion competition. Always optimistic but never gets anything done because she’s too busy working out.

Louis Futon - Second part of the comedic duo. Art student who enrols for the fashion competition. Likes sleeping and generally doing nothing. Carries a pillow around with him at all times for no reason.

Penelope - Kate’s gender studies tutor. Serious and professional. Does not appreciate Kate dragging her along to events that have nothing to do with her.

The Uni Board or UB (3 people) - Members of the University board that inexplicably do everything the chancellor tells them to do. Dressed like the Blues Brothers with glasses and all. Have no lines apart for the songs but interact with the audience through mime.

And of course, our amazing ensemble!

As always, we make sure our auditions are conducted in a relaxed, inclusive, and fun environment. We will play some games to help warm you all up and help you to get to know us a little more, before we dive into some singing, dancing, and acting! You do not need to prepare anything for the audition, just bring yourself (we advise that you wear clothing you are comfortable moving about in, along with a bottle of water).

Don't worry if you think you may get lost trying to find audition rooms as we will have members of our committee standing outside of the main building wearing burgundy PantoSoc hoodies to point you in the right direction!

Lastly, if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We can't wait to get started!


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