• Sunday 26th Jun 18:00 - Sunday 26th Jun 21:00
  • LUU Meeting Room 2

Event Description

Interested in Motorbikes and enjoy chatting about them? 

Well a new General Interest Motorbike society is in the process of forming. They would like to create a good community of people who have an interest in motorcycles or potentially have motorbikes.

The society will welcome a range of people like those who have a simple liking of motorbikes to people that are already on the road and have plenty of experience riding or Even better.... Taking their first steps in making their dream of riding a motorcycle come true. This will mean that people will be able to express, share and discuss their interests in motorbikes as well as engage in motorbike ride outs across Leeds. Riding in a group may make people feel more connected with others and bring our community together.

If you are keen to learn more about this forming society then head to their formation event. In Room 2 6-9pm on the 26th of June!