• Wednesday 20th Oct 18:30 - Wednesday 20th Oct 20:30
  • Room 6, the Union

Event Description

Sex Ed is so important- it empowers young people to make important decisions about their lives, their health, and the relationships they want to have. If you've ever wanted to make a difference, educating some bright young people about how to have a better relationship with sex, better relationships with others, learning how to stay safe and supporting their health in a multitude of ways might be just the thing to start with.

If these are all important to you and you think we need better sex and relationships education in the UK then THIS is the society for you. We are the Leeds branch of the national charity Sexpression:UK, who aim to deliver fun & informal sex and relationships education in the local community.

Lots of us started here because we thought our teaching at school was pretty rubbish, so it's a great way of making a difference to a young person's life. HOWEVER, Sexpression is sooooo much more than just volunteering and we would love you to come along to our Give it a Go to find out about everything we do! Our GIAG will include:

- Super fun SEX-TASTIC games and discussions!

- Experiencing demonstration lessons to get a taste of what volunteers do in schools

- Answering some FAQs

- Getting to know the committee

- Finding out how to get involved with Sexpression Leeds

(Note: this is event is FREE!! Doesn't matter if you have or have not paid for membership, feel free to come along)

Bring your friends, flatmates, professors, lovers??¿ to our GIAG to have tonnes of sex-positive fun!!)

We're looking forward to seeing everyone x


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IMPORTANT: Please let us know if you have any latex or perfume allergies prior to the event by dropping us a message on Facebook or emailing leeds@sexpression.org.uk.


We are the Leeds branch of the national charity Sexpression UK. We are dedicated to delivering fun,...


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